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Mercado Imobiliário de Topo na Europa Resiliente à Crise!

The european "high-end" real estate market has been fairly resilient to the present financial crisis. Below follows a description of the most expensive properties in Europe showing evidence that the High-End Real Estate market has shown to be fairly steady in the recent financial crisis.

Top 5 countries: description of the most expensive Properties:

1. Monaco
Cost of apartments: from 50 000 to 130 000 euro/m2

Multistorey building situated in prestigious region of Monaco (Fontvielle) was built in 1993.
Today is fully restored.
- Underground parking
- Panoramic sea and park view
- Proximity to helicopter landing ground
- Necessity of opening an account in one of Monaco banks to get an estate purchase permission.

2. France
Boulevard de la Croisette, 104
Cost of apartments: From 34 500 to 40 500 euro/m2.

9 - storey building situated in one of the most well-known streets in Cannes - Boulevard de la Croisette.
- Panoramic sea view from big terraces
- 24/7 security
- Underground parking
- Rather plain Architecture and indoor decorations

3. Denmark
Tuborg Boulevard 15.2.th
Cost of apartments: From 9 500 to 14 000 euro/m2

The complex of two 6 - storey buildings was built in 2008 in the most picturesque region of Copenhagen – Tuborg Harbour.
- Due to good location of one of the residence buildings each flat overlooks the sea.
- Comfortable yachts’ and cutters' mooring
- Slight remoteness from the beach
- No panoramic view due to the buildings built too close to each other

4. Spain
Cost of apartments: From 7 000 to 13 500 euro/m2

Blocks of apartments and mini-villas make up a luxurious 5 – star complex situated in the most prestigious Spanish resort – Puerto Banus.
- Sea and pool view from all the apartments
- Several outdoor and indoor pools situated in the complex area
- Vast green territory under security control
- Gym, sauna, 24/7 security
- Absence of panoramic sea view from most apartments due to rather small dwelling height and large size of park territory

5. Russia
Millennium Tower
Cost of apartments: From 6 000 to 15 500 euro/m2

Built in 2008 this luxurious dwelling complex that is situated in an isolated area provides both apartments and 2- storey penthouses. Advantages:
- Sea view from all the flats
- Own fitness centre and bathing complex
- Own beach and pool with water slopes
- Ultramodern outdoor decoration: Belgian glass of different shades is used
- Infrastructure and winter resort in transport accessibility
- Even during crisis prices stayed practically the same due to pre-made expectations of the infrastructure development before the Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi.

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